Floating Lantern Poems on Ice

Floating Lantern Poems on Ice (2013)

As I worked with UPP artists and Providence residents to raise awareness about the ill effects of stormwater run off and the historical legacy of our industrial past, I wanted to create an ephemeral artwork for Mashapaug Pond that would melt, burn and leave no trace. Community residents, under the guidance of poet Laura Brown LaVoie, wrote collective poems for the pond. I used lines from the collective poems to make lanterns attached to boats that I made out of ice. We ceremonially launched them on the pond at nightfall as members of the public read the poems aloud. The event brought residents of all ages, artists and followers of UPP Arts together to view imaginative and documentary films by students and professionals about the pond, and to experience the magical short lives of these messaged, candle-lit, ice boats.

Yoyatche Mehquantach, (Always Remember in Narragansett), 27” X 13” X 4”, paper, wax on Styrofoam. Based on intersection of Indigenous and Industrial cultures in Venn diagram, 2013Yoyatche Mehquantach, detailYoyatche Mehquantach, detailPublic interaction with Yoyache Mequantach in anticipation of ice boat installation, Locally Made, RISD Museum, 2013 Reach for the Return, 19” X 13” X 4”, 2013, paper and wax on StyrofoamIce boat Mould, 13" X 19" X 4", styrofoam, wax, 2013Summer Series Send Off, Eight ice boats with poem lanterns on coolers waiting to be placed on Mashapaug Pond;  collective poems written by community in workshop with poet Laura Brown Lavoie, Mashapaug Boating Center,  September 21, 2013Ice boat with lantern, dusk, Mashapaug Boating Center,  September 21, 2013Summer Series Send Off,  resident carrying boat to be placed on the pond, Mashapaug Boating Center,  September 21, 2013Ice Boat installation with silhouette, Mashapaug Boating Center,  September 21, 2013